Upcoming classes and new business relationships

The Chicago trade community has welcomed Chit Chat with open arms, and I am personally grateful for everyone for their kind words of support and encouragement.

At the present time, we have several clients under contract who we are helping review and revamp their business processes. When they’re out the other end, it will be a pleasure to promote them here, and we plan to write up briefs for potential future clients to learn about what we did and how it all came together.

Our classes continue to be well received, and I wanted to share our upcoming class schedule for people who are interested. You can learn more about our classes here on the site.

Upcoming Classes

  • September 18th: Introduction to Air Exports
  • September 25th: Introduction to Ocean Exports
  • October 2nd: Introduction to Imports
  • October 9th: Introduction to Air Exports

Chit Chat are also now planning classes on Customs brokerage, ships and shipping and other topics. Last week we taught a class on Incoterms. As we move into the fall, watch for our class offerings to increase and diversify.

Success with BCS

It has also been a pleasure to go on sales calls with Brian Barlotta and Melissa Gallardo of BCS Placement. They are both professionals who are leading the marketplace in Chicago in matching employers and recruits. They respect that both sides look at employment through their own set of criteria, and they expertly and respectfully match people with positions that are focused on insuring their long-term success.

As we say in our classes, the worst thing to have on resumes is a series of short-term employments, and BCS works hard to prevent that from happening because it is hurtful to both the employee and the employer who was counting on that person in their company.

New relationship with BDI

Finally, Chit Chat just concluded an agreement with an organization here in Chicago called BDI. It is a tremendous marketing and networking group that matches companies who need and provide services for each other. BDI will be selling Chit Chat’s classes through their network, and it already appears as if we have the opportunity to teach our logistics classes at one or more universities here in the Chicago area.

My thanks to everyone again for your support and if we can be of assistance, you know how to contact me.