Introduction to Logistics


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Did you know that getting your online purchase to your door is considered “logistics”? So is a manufacturer insuring a steady stream of parts for assembly or bringing flowers from South America for Valentine’s Day. “Logistics” is a term which is so broadly used that it is good to know what the acceptable uses of the term are and what it encompasses. We will discuss domestic and international logistics, how the term is used to describe goods in transit or even goods and information that is being managed in a warehouse or data center. Logistics is a key, unseen driver of the global economy. Find an opportunity in it for yourself.

Instructor: Mitchell Estrada is the President of The Chit Chat Group. He graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in Maritime Administration and understands waterborne shipping and commerce. He also worked for an airline and a freight forwarder and is excited to share his understanding and passion of the industry to encourage people to consider a career in supply chain.


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