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TCCG can help you to address all of your compliance needs.

DG Certification

Designed by TCCG for freight forwarders and others who have no previous DG or dangerous goods transportation training or who have not updated their training during the past 24 months. This class fulfills ICAO and IATA training requirements and qualifies graduates to handle and process dangerous goods for carriage of by air for a 24-month period.

TSA Certification

America’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employs various strategies to ensure safety through technologies, people and use of intelligence. Businesses looking to become TSA certified must complete the Certified Cargo Screening Program. TCCG can assist you with compliance issues including performing security threat assessments on all employees, screening your cargo facility, and establishing chains of custody standards for screened cargo, among other measures.

FMCSA Certification

For commercial motor vehicle drivers in the U.S., a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examination must be conducted by a licensed “medical examiner” listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) National Registry. TCCG can assist you and your team in attaining or adhering to these standards.

OTI Licensing

Ocean Transportation Intermediaries (OTIs) are either Ocean Freight Forwarders or Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carriers and are regulated by the Federal Maritime Commission. Rely on TCCG for expert assistance needed to obtain all necessary licenses. U.S.-based companies or sole proprietors operating as OFFs or NVOCCs are required to obtain a license from the FMC. Non-U.S.-based NVOCCs are not required, but may obtain a FMC-issued license.

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